Ribble Valley Canine Services - Dog Training in and around Clitheroe, Lancashire

About Me


Hi, my name is Steph and I specialise in Canine Behaviour Management. I offer dog training and owner coaching services in the Ribble Valley and surrounding areas.

I use modern, non-forceful, positive training techniques, with programs tailored to each dog and the circumstances of their owner. 

I've been a pet owner for over 20 years. I have worked with both dogs and horses, herding cattle in the Australian outback and training ex-racehorses to work with disabled riders at an RDA centre in Queensland.  

With continued study of Canine Behaviour Management and following modern science-based training techniques, I ensure that I offer the highest level of service to my clients. For your peace of mind, I am also trained in Canine First Aid and fully insured to allow off-lead exercise.  

The sessions I offer are 1:1, including owner coaching, demonstrations and written training plans tailored to your needs. I can also train your dog myself, through regular 1:1 training sessions to implement new training, refine existing training or address behaviour problems. Contact me to discuss your individual needs.

Canine Behaviour Management


Whether you are a first time dog owner looking to make a good start with your new puppy, or you own a pet with established unwanted behaviours, I can help you to address your training needs. 

All dogs, like people, can make mistakes. Even the most well trained dogs may accidentally jump up on a stranger, or find something that's not theirs at home and accidentally chew it for a while. It happens to us all! 

But when do mistakes turn into behaviour problems? When they stop us walking our dog where we want? When we come home to a chewed skirting board? When our dog bites another dog?

Using my knowledge of canine behaviour and training, I want to help you to understand what your dog is tying to tell you, helping you to adjust your interactions to regain control. 

With time, consistency and patience, we can work together to help your dog become a happier, more well balanced and well behaved pet. 

Training Techniques


Only fun, force-free training is used with dogs in my care, with plenty of positive reinforcement. 

This does not mean a lack of discipline or saying 'no' but it does mean you can be assured that the mental and physical welfare of your dog is the utmost priority.


Using information you provide about your dog, a detailed training plan can be built, tailored to your needs. 

We all have busy lives, so the training sessions I offer can be arranged around your routine and work commitments, helping to improve behaviour with minimum impact on your schedule.  

Offering positive reinforcement through praise and reward, whilst applying firm boundaries for unwanted behaviours, will help you achieve your behaviour training goals. 

All training methods will be agreed with you before any training begins, so you have peace of mind that your pet is in good hands and that you are on the right track to a better behaved dog.